Margaret + Daulton || McKinney Falls State Park Engagement Photography || Austin, TX

Y’all. I. Can’t. Even.

There are some couples, some experiences, some shoots, some moments that just SLAY ME. This was one of them. After a few scheduling snafoos, we made this shoot happen and I’m SO glad we did. What a sweet encouragement it was to have a couple find me simply from good old google, and for them to bring me such joy & photographic fulfillment. These two are SO insanely in love, in that giddy, 6th-grade kind of way, but also in the mature, seasoned, parents-of-a-toddler kind of way. And you can just tell in these photos. It was a blast to be able to bring my little sister to work with me, and have her on ‘reflector duty’…and I couldn’t have picked a better shoot to have her come to! I’m so insanely thankful for couples like Margaret & Daulton, and the fact that they allowed me to have a teensy tiny glimpse into their love story, and take a smidgen of a role in documenting a piece of their history. I’m so richly blessed, y’all.

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