My Story

As a pimply-faced high school band nerd, I found myself in a yearbook class, and through a scheduling snafoo, a camera was placed in my hands. Dorky 15-year-old me had found her calling. The whirlwind of adolescence was slowed and brought into order with each image captured. I saw the world around me in a whole new way.

Fast-forward four years, and a friend on a budget asked me to photograph her wedding. That expression of trust, coupled with my willingness to try just about anything, turned this hobby into a vocation. One wedding turned into five, turned into 30 weddings per year. 

God has been gracious to me, and I do my best to serve my clients out of the overflow of that grace! Overseas missions, partnership with Outpour Movement in Thailand, street photography and storytelling, are just a few of my personal outlets for this passion of mine.

capturing your beautiful moments is where I find the most Inspiration.
Things I Love Jesus
my dog, Shelby
dirty iced chai lattes
independent films

i prefer mountains over the beach,
and texas over everything.

After spending 2015 overseas doing missionwork, partnering with numerous organizations across the globe, I understood on a much broader scale how much photography matters. That telling the stories of the marginalized, the least of these, is an integral way to show them that they are valuable, loved, and cherished.

That is why, for every full wedding collection booked with me, 5% will go directly to an organization that is close to my heart. Each year, your booking will contribute to and bless nonprofits and ministries across the globe! 

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